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Norwegian Spruce Extract


As a potent source of antioxidative protection, the Norwegian Spruce extract contains the highest concentration of lignans (approximately 20x amount contained in flax seed oil) which can help build and maintain the immune system, improve our chances for a healthier cardiovascular system, increase our levels of protection against cancer and diabetes.

Size: 1 US fl oz



The antioxidant properties found in lignans help to neutralize the destructive impacts that free radicals can cause on the body.  As a potent source of antioxidative protection, lignans may also support the immune system and are excellent for balancing hormone levels in the body - supporting healthy testosterone levels in men and balancing estrogen levels in women.

Studies have shown that lignans may improve heart health and have been reported to support breast, reproductive organ and colon health. In both men, and women lignans inhibit the HSD enzyme which helps reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Suggested Use
Why Take It

Source of antioxidants to support:

Cardiovascular Health
Reduction of Cholesterol
Reproductive Health
Hormone Balancing
Colon Health
Prostate Health



amazing results!

I have been using Nordic Sunn for a couple of months and am not feeling my arthritis much at all of late! I feel noticeably better



Great experience

I have Raynaud's Disease and this product helped improve the blood flow to my fingers and toes. When my fingers or toes did lack blood flow because of the cold, it was milder and didn't last as long.

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